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Today airplanes need to be economical, efficient, environmentally friendly, and quiet if they want to be successful in the battle for market share. The manufacturers of jet engines face significant challenges, since they need to deliver cutting-edge technology at competitive prices.
Parts used in jet engines, such as turbine blades and vanes, are subjected to extreme forces. Materials that are difficult to machine, such as titanium, nickel-based superalloys, Inconel, and tungsten-molybdenum alloys, present significant challenges to the machining process. This is because surface quality and dimensional accuracy must be excellent in order for the turbines to operate at maximum efficiency.
We develop tailor-made grinding processes for these sophisticated components to suit well-known customers in the aerospace industry. For example: thanks to our grinding software, our Multigrind® CA and Multigrind® CB grinding centers can machine all areas of a turbine blade in one clamping – from the airfoil surface to the fir-tree profile.