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Medical engineering is one of the most dynamic and sophisticated industries in the world today. Innovative companies, including global corporations and classic small and medium enterprises (SMEs) strive to offer people the highest quality of life possible for the longest period of time. Medical instruments, knee implants, and artificial hip joints are just three of the product groups in the medical engineering industry that are manufactured all over the world on Haas grinding machines.

Approximately 1.4 million knee implants are produced each year using our Multigrind® CB and Multigrind® CA machines, making us the market leader in this segment. When processing medical devices, the focus is on precision and process reliability. Grinding and truing technologies such as continuous dressing or integrated belt grinding with the “thingamajig”  machine guarantee maximum dimensional accuracy, excellent surface quality, and an efficient grinding process.

Haas Medizintechnik: Kniegelenk, Raspel, Räumnadel