In High Gear

Hob cutters for manufacturing gears and worm gears need to meet the highest standards when it comes to precision and service life. Our customers require gear qualities q1–q3. This is true regardless of whether it’s a very small tool or a 600-kilogram gear cutting tool used to manufacture gear wheels for the winches on freighters and container ships.

On our Multigrind® CB and Multigrind® CA grinding centers, grinding gears from solid is just as easy as processing premilled blanks that are subsequently hardened. Haas Multigrind® Horizon enables users to quickly and easily define the respective workpiece, including clearance angle calculations and collision avoidance simulation.

To ensure that the required precision can be guaranteed during the grinding process, our grinding machines can be equipped with an intelligent integrated 3-D probing system. Using a compensation program which mathematically compensates for the hysteresis of the probe, the components can be probed in the machine. The deep grooves and fine contours of the teeth can also be processed in one clamping, regardless of the size of the workpiece. This is how you achieve repeatability and accuracy of a few microns and avoid time-consuming clamping and unclamping.

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