Perfect grinding every time

Every complete and reliable grinding process needs the right automation strategy for cost-efficient mass production. Our application engineers and automation experts develop logical automation concepts for our customers, based on a workpiece or technical drawing and the planned number of units.

The automation housing is designed so that the six-axis robot has enough space to load, orient and test the workpieces. As well as fully-automatic loading and unloading, the robot arm can also prepare the next workpiece for clamping while the machine is in operation.

Depending on the requirements, pallets and workpiece carriers can be installed by the customer or by Haas Schleifmaschinen. A wide range of grippers is available for handling parts. We also install a blowing device for cleaning parts and a laser probing bridge for checking the gripper as standard. A variety of turning stations and modules for orientation and alignment of workpieces are also available upon request.

Haas Automation auf einer Multigrind CA mit Roboter