Technical Specialties

Our machines can be equipped and upgraded with a wide variety of technical options in order to tailor them to your particular needs.

In addition, we also offer a number of special add-ons, which are listed under the heading “Special Options.” These are technical features that our R & D department is particularly proud of, which offer those operating our machines additional benefits when it comes to precision, efficiency, and process safety.

Ilmentritschel (“thingamajig”)
The integrated belt grinding unit for the Multigrind® CB and Multigrind® CA. The Ilmentritschel creates phenomenally homogeneous surfaces, such as those needed when manufacturing knee joint implants or turbine blades.

Relief Grinding Unit
The relief grinding unit makes it possible to use large grinding wheels economically when machining roller cutters.

Integrated Dresser Unit
The integrated dresser unit is used to dress the grinding wheel while it is in the machine.

Continuous Dressing
This unit can dress the grinding wheels of a multiaxis grinding machine during the grinding process.

A dressing procedure that can be used to dress tapered diamond grinding wheels with radii of a few hundredths of a millimeter to exact specifications. In this process, the dresser unit is positioned at a 90° angle in the machine in order to decisively reduce grinding pressure.

Automated Height-Adjustable Coolant Nozzle
A patented feature that automatically adjusts the coolant nozzles to match the size and position of the grinding wheel currently in use. In this context, both the front and back coolant nozzles can be operated separately.

Double-Wheel Tool Changer
A patented pickup changer with two segmented wheels that operate independently of one another. This changer can be equipped with a total of 27 grinding wheels. If fewer grinding wheels are required, one of the segmented wheels can also be used as a workpiece holder.

The Sixth Axis
We offer a sixth axis for operators that need more than five axes – because they want to machine complex indexable inserts in one clamping, for example. This unit offers even more flexibility, especially in unmanned, automated production processes using our machines.


Kühlmitteleinheit Haas Multigrind CA
Automated height-adjustable coolant nozzle

Haas Kontinuierliches Abrichten
Continuous dressing

Haas Bandschleifer
Integrated belt grinder