With its performance characteristics, the Multigrind® CA is the grinding machine for demanding and cost-conscious manufacturers and regrinders of rotationally symmetric precision tools and indexable inserts, parts for the aerospace industry, and medical technology. On the Multigrind® CA, you can grind workpieces with a diameter of up to 250 mm and a length of up to 400 mm with typical precision.

Despite its compact measurements, the Multigrind® CA offers remarkable travel ranges (X-axis: 630 mm; Y-axis: 345 mm; Z-axis: 430 mm), which means you can economically machine larger rotationally symmetrical or cubic workpieces. Depending on the grinding process, the Multigrind® CA can be equipped with grinding wheels with a diameter of up to 250 mm, and 12 wheels fit in the patented double-wheel changer, giving the operator increased flexibility to combine operations. Equipped with an automation unit, the Multigrind® CA also offers an impressive level of precision and efficiency in serial production processes with low labor content.

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