Technical Design

Haas Multicube Design
Our designers say that the power lies within. That’s why we build our machines in our Multicube design, which we further perfected with the new Multigrind® CA. In this context, the grinding unit is always located at the center of this “multifunctional grinding cube” made from mineral composite. The axes, with their generous travel ranges, are aligned symmetrically, with the guides for the axes partially embedded in the mineral composite base. That makes the machine more dynamic, stable, and rigid, and the operator can enjoy a safer process and increased precision. The Sinamics-controlled drive system powering the axes and the guides are situated outside the workspace – this creates space where you need it and increases the machine’s service life.

Operation Types
On a Multigrind® CA you can grind, mill, drill, belt-grind, and relief-grind economically and with precision.

Grinding Spindles made in Trossingen
To us, a high level of vertical integration means that we design and manufacture key components ourselves. This also includes the Multigrind® CA’s powerful, direct-driven grinding spindles. The Multigrind® CA comes with a 12 kW spindle (8,000 rpm) with two grinding wheel ends as standard. For economical series production, you can get the Multigrind® CA with an automatic tool changer and a spindle with a grinding wheel end and an autoclamping HSK 50 E interface.

Patented Tool Changer
For the automated series production of various workpieces, you need different grinding wheels. Our patented integrated tool changer can be equipped with 12 grinding wheels, each with a diameter of 100 millimeters. The double-wheel pickup tool changer can even be equipped with 20 grinding wheels, each with a diameter of 100 mm, or 12 grinding wheels, each with a diameter of 250 mm. Switching between wheels during the grinding process only takes eight seconds.

Fully Automated Cooling Unit
The Multigrind® CA is the world’s first grinding machine with a fully automated, height-adjustable coolant nozzle. This means that if different-sized grinding wheels are used during the machining process, the coolant nozzles and the grinding wheel guard automatically adjust to the size and position of the grinding wheel. The result is increased flexibility, particularly in automated, unmanned series production processes.

Machine Table
With a clamping surface measuring 1,000 mm by 440 mm, the Multigrind® CA offers the operator all the space they need, even to clamp larger workpieces. A number of table variations are also available for different needs. This includes a variation with an integrated X3-axis with a programmable tailstock for grinding workpieces between the centers.

Haas grinding machines are always shipped with the latest generation of Sinumerik controller as standard. The Multigrind® CA features the user-friendly Sinumerik 840D sl with the highest safety standard available, Sinumerik Safety. The Multigrind® CA’s powerful drives are controlled using Sinamics controllers.

Ergonomics and Safety
With 4 mm thick double-paned safety glass, the generously sized workspace in the Multigrind® CA is well isolated, even when grinding at high speeds. The easy-access electrical and maintenance cabinets are located on the side of the machine, with all the important gauges positioned at eye level, making them easy to read. This is another feature that makes the machining process even safer.

Schleifspindel Haas Multigrind CA
Grinding spindle made by Haas

Kühlmitteleinheit Haas Multigrind CA
The automatically adjustable coolant nozzle

Werkzeugwechsler Haas Multigrind CA
The double-wheel pickup tool changer