Multigrind® CB

The Multigrind® CB is the flagship of our grinding centers. The Multigrind® CB is the largest and fastest grinding machine we have ever built, and the first one that received the Red Dot Award for product design. At the center of the Multigrind® CB’s sophisticated design is the cube-shaped mineral composite base, which gives the machine its stability and rigidity.

Thanks to its enormous capability, the Multigrind® CB is the ideal machine for the highly demanding serial production of complex tools and components. Gear cutting tools made of tool steel with a total weight of 600 kilograms can be machined on the Multigrind® CB with the same precision as knee implants made of Co-Cr. When it comes to flexible grinding centers, the Multigrind® CB is one of the world’s leading machines on the market.



Haas Schleifmaschine Multigrind CB