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Grinding software is as important to us as our Multigrind® grinding machines. That’s why we invested a considerable amount of time and effort into the development of entirely new grinding software based on a new kind of software architecture.

New horizons: Multigrind® Horizon
Multigrind® Horizon is an intuitive, geometry-based grinding program that opens up new horizons in terms of user-friendliness, transparency and performance. It benefits the user both during the design phase and while they’re working on the machine.

Advanced architecture, simple navigation
The start screen features a clear chess board design and from there the user can create a grinding program step by step, using the software’s simple navigation structure and standardized controls. All important parameters are shown: blank, clamping system, contour, geometry, grinding operations, grinding wheels and the grinding machine. Links and references between these parameters are clearly presented and available at all times.

The analytical software and the user interface are separate, so you’ll benefit from ongoing graphic feedback to all your parameters. What’s more, open interfaces and a modular system enable you to individually adjust your manufacturing environment.

Grinding simulation and process visualization
Multigrind® Horizon can produce four different simulations:

  1. Grinding simulation in real time on the calculated object – visible after the entry of every parameter
  2. Status simulation on the position of the workpiece in the machine
  3. Material removal simulation
  4. Process visualization, which shows a 3D display of data from the machine’s control unit

Programmed to be future-proof
Innovations such as multiprocessors and multireading technology (multiple calculations during a single process) were taken into account in the development of Multigrind® Horizon, as were open interfaces and customizing options. Automated logging and bug tracking were included as matter of course and we also offer country-specific versions.

Additional informational material about our Multigrind® Horizon software is available:
Product brochure

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Clearly subdivided user interface

Haas Software
Parallel calculation of 3D models

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Speed, feed, wheel position, infeeds and coolant input can be determined by clicking on a grinding operation