Working Where Others Spend Their Vacation

There are many people who have only seen our region in vacation brochures; they appreciate the clean air, the green pastures, and the wide variety of recreational activities available. Some people even know that Bob Dylan’s harmonicas come from Trossingen. But that is certainly not the only thing that this industrious region has to offer.

Did you know that no other German state has as many patents registered per person as Baden-Württemberg, namely 120 patents per 100,000 residents? It is often said that many people here are actually born with a strong inclination toward perfection. We call such people here “Tüftler,” which in English means something like garage inventor. These are the kids who could spell the word “patent” back in preschool. If you would like to find out more about our region, check out the following links:

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Haas Region: Wo Vorschüler wissen, wie man Patent schreibt